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Fire hydrant Water

Product no: 104.130
IMPA 33.6815

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    Durable fire hydrant water symbol with photoluminescent effect

    Fire hydrant water is a photoluminescent fire control symbol that refers to hydrants and indicates how they are used.
    It is produced in accordance with IMO resolution A952 and ISO 17631 and ISO 7010. Furthermore, it is manufactured to have a long life time with a strong and lasting light effect.
    Denfoil offers a series of fire control symbols referring to firefighting equipment as well as fire doors and other elements of fire protection and contingency plan. This creates an overview so that firefighting can begin immediately after a fire is noticed.

    Fire hydrant water symbol with additional life time and photoluminescent effect

    The surface of the IMO symbol is coated with 3M ensuring a long life time and additionally strong light effect in the dark.
    For safety reasons, the signs should always be inspected when all other safety equipment is controlled. This ensures that the signs remain in perfect condition up until replacement.

    Firefighting equipment and safety signs may save lives
    Denfoil offers a series of IMO fire control symbols and other IMO symbols and safety signs. See the selection – and remember that we are always prepared to help you in case you need assistance.
    Order your fire hydrant water symbol today.