Emergency eye wash

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    Emergency Eye Wash – durable emergency sign with photoluminescent effect

    The emergency sign Emergency Eye Wash is a self-adhesive, durable, and photoluminescent safety sign made of vinyl. The emergency sign refers to the nearest wash station where it is possible to rinse the eyes of dangerous substances or foreign matters.
    The Emergency Eye Wash signs have been manufactured according to IMO standard IMO resolution 752 and meet the current law on IMO and safety signs.
    The emergency sign has been coated with a strong adhesive which makes it easy to place the sign on all smooth and clean surfaces. At the same time, it can be removed without leaving any marks.

    Emergency Eye Wash sign printed on 3M foil

    The SOLAS convention determines that signs used for marking emergency equipment and firefighting material must be photoluminescent or illuminated. The durable emergency sign is therefore printed with 3M foil so that it is clearly visible in the dark. 3M ensures that the sign will shine much stronger than required in the DIN norm 67 510 that sets the standards of photoluminescent pigments and products. Furthermore, the photoluminescent vinyl from 3M is a durable material, and the light effect will last 5 to 10 years when the sign is placed indoors.

    A short distance to the wash station and safety signs may save the eyesight

    Immediate eyewash in case of an accident will in many cases save the eyesight of the injured person.
    For this particular reason, it is important to ensure good safety signs and a short distance between the emergency shower or wash station and the place where dangerous substances are used. Therefore, the distance should not be any more than 10 seconds of walking, and since the injured person cannot see, there must be no obstacles on the way.
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